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Kartika case review was by Syariah chief judge

KUANTAN: The review of the Syariah case involving Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor, who was sentenced to be caned for drinking beer, was made by Justice Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman in his capacity as state Syariah chief judge and not Court of Appeal chairman.

Pahang Syariah Court Chief Registrar Mohd Azhari Abdul Rahman said members of the appeal panel had not sat on Monday when the review was made.

“What took place on Monday was a routine monthly meeting by the Syariah court senior officials including the Pahang Syariah Chief Judge Datuk Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman.

“There were many issues and matters discussed, including Kartika Sari’s case,” he said at his office here yesterday.

He said members of the appellate court comprised judges and prominent figures who were mainly based in Kuala Lumpur, adding that whether there would be a sitting depended on their availability.

On Monday, Justice Abdul Hamid upheld a Syariah High Court’s decision to cane the 32-year-old former model six times and fined her RM5,000 after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer at a nightclub in Cherating on July 11.

Mohd Azhari said this was related to a letter issued by Justice Abdul Hamid on Aug 24 on the order to defer the sentence and another order that he, being the state Syariah chief judge, would review the case.

Kartika Sari, a mother of two, will become the first woman in the country to be caned under the Islamic law.

Sesape nak komen?silakan heheheheh.

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